Automated Micro-Funding

Every Business and Influencer is paired with a suitable non-profit. When Businesses and Influencers run campaigns, a portion of every transaction will go to that non-profit. As Businesses and Influencers utilize the ShareNode platform to market themselves, non-profits will receive continual funding.

Partner with Businesses and Influencers

Collaborate with Businesses and Influencers on our ShareNode network who are eager to work directly with your non-profit. Your partners will launch campaigns on the ShareNode platform to not only raise awareness for your cause, but will also generate funding for your organization.

Raise Awareness

Dive into the diverse pool that the ShareNode platform presents. Your non-profit will be featured on the ShareNode Directory where every participant will be able to see your foundation. Businesses and Influencers will have the opportunity to launch campaigns that directly benefit your foundation’s cause and main focus.

Get Noticed

Non-Profit Package

  • Earn continued micro-funding
  • Increase awareness
  • Collaborate with great businesses


Get Connected


What is Micro-Funding?

Micro-funding is part of the community reward that is generated through a business campaign. Every time a ShareNode member redeems a token for a discounted product, experience, or service a non-profit gets a small funding paid by the business for the campaign. The business only pays when they get a paying customer. The customer pays nothing but gets all the feel good benefits. The non-profit gets funding and exposure. It’s a win for everyone.

Is it available in my country?

We’re global. We are continually welcoming new non-profits into the community.

ShareNode is for everybody

Whether you're an individual looking to save, a business ready for growth, an influencer eager to share, or a non-profit seeking support, everyone wins when we connect through ShareNode.