Incentivized Sharing

When you find something you love, whether it’s an experience, a restaurant, or a service, you share it with the ones you love. Now, through ShareNode, you can receive income for doing the things you already do. As a community member, you are incentivized to share discounted tokens for all the businesses on our platform by giving you a slice of the commission anytime one of the tokens you shared is redeemed. You can send, receive, and track all of the discount tokens and watch your earnings grow all inside the ShareNode app; the more you give, the more you get.

Earning Opportunities

All are welcome to participate in ShareNode. We offer varying levels of opportunity depending on which path best suits your wants and needs. Get started as a ShareNode Member and receive earnings on direct referrals to ShareNode and other businesses; or dive in more deeply as a VIP member, Brand Ambassador, or Account Manager and compound your earnings.

See below for more details.

Loyalty Rewards

Take connection to the next level and experience loyalty. Every time you visit your favorite business or service provider, earn rewards on what you purchase.* Not only will you be rewarded your visits, but businesses will be able to see your influence on their business and will have the opportunity to reward you.

*Loyalty Reward Program requirements may vary from business to business

All in One Place

Connecting, sharing, earning, establishing loyalty, and receiving rewards is a lot, and we make it simple. Everything you need can be found in the ShareNode App, currently in beta testing for Android and iOS. Use the app to: find businesses near you; send and receive tokens; track your earnings; build loyalty rewards; and see the value of all your sharing come back to you through blockchain technology. 

Try It Now

ShareNode Member

  • Earn loyalty rewards from hundreds of businesses
  • Earn referral commission for new business setup
  • Refer new community members to ShareNode

By Invitation Only

Community Player

VIP Member

In addition to Member benefits:

  • Receive shared community reward on indirectly referred Member/Customer purchases
  • Successfully refer 5 businesses to qualify
Most Popular

Brand Ambassador

In addition to VIP Member benefits:

  • Earn shared community reward for referred Influencers
  • Earn shared community reward for referred Businesses
  • Receive indirect community rewards on member/customers and businesses referred by your direct team
  • Successfully refer 10 businesses to qualify


What are Loyalty Rewards?

Loyalty Rewards are distributed by a business to entice a customer to frequently visit their business. Many large corporations have developed specialized programs for this purpose. ShareNode makes Loyalty Rewards possible for every business at an affordable price. Plus, we have added amazing features to take things to the next level for the business, the customer, and non-profits.

Is it free?

Start receiving Loyalty Rewards for free. However, when you upgrade to our other memberships you can generate passive income by referring businesses, influencers, and other members to ShareNode.

Is it available in my country?

Yes, we are global. We continually welcome new businesses to the community. Check our growing directory for businesses near you.

ShareNode is for everybody

Whether you're an individual looking to save, a business ready for growth, an influencer eager to share, or a non-profit seeking support, everyone wins when we connect through ShareNode.