Rev Boosters

When you tokenize your business, your business receives tokens to give out to the community for discounts at your business. Community members can then share those tokens with friends and family to promote your business. These Rev Booster discounts are determined by the business owner (you) and you decide the percentage you want to pay to the community reward.

True Results-Based Marketing

With ShareNode, you pay only AFTER you make a sale.  You choose what percentage of the sale you want to pay for the Community Reward (think commission) every time a ShareNode Community Member or Rev Booster campaign brings you business.  Our exclusive, token-based marketing technology allows us to recognize and compensate those that made a contribution to the completion of the sale, resulting in motivation to bring you even more business in the future. 

Stunning Analytics

As part of our platform, we provide you with the ability to see how your customers interact with your business and fully understand the ROI of each RevBooster Campaign, as well as which customers are working to build your network. This is all measured and recorded through the soon-to-be released ShareNode app. 

Incentivized Community

When you become a tokenized business on the ShareNode platform, you tap into an incentivized community who is rewarded for bringing you new customers. Using blockchain technology, we track when a token is redeemed, and the user who shared the token automatically receives a payment via cryptocurrency. You decide on the percentage of each transaction that is to allocated as a Community Reward.

Amplify Your Business

Tokenize Package


  • Blockchain registration on NASGO
  • Campaign assistance from Account Manager
  • Press Release
  • Preferred Listing on ShareNode Directory

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What are Loyalty Rewards?

Loyalty Rewards are usually distributed by a business to entice a customer to frequently purchase a product. Many large corporations have developed specialized programs for this purpose. ShareNode makes Loyalty Rewards possible for a very low cost. Plus, we have added amazing features to take things to the next level for the business, the customer and non-profits.

Are there any other hidden costs?

No. Pay one time registration and get connected with an account manager to create your first campaign. Only pay a community reward when a customer buys your product or service. You’re in complete charge of how much you want to pay the community for driving business to you. We think it’s a great alternative to what the traditional advertising and marketing industry offers.

Is it available in my country?

We’re global. We are continually welcoming new businesses into the community. Check for our growing directory.

ShareNode is for everybody

Whether you're an individual looking to save, a business ready for growth, an influencer eager to share, or a non-profit seeking support, everyone wins when we connect through ShareNode.