Congratulations to ShareNode Community Leader of the Week – Joel Friant

Congratulations to Joel Friant for being our ShareNode Community Leader of the week! This man has constantly made an effort of leading by example in all aspects of his life. Lets hear what he has to say about why he got involved with ShareNode:

Hi, my name is Joel Friant.  I joined Sharenode in mid-2018 and made a decision to hit the ground running.  It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  Within weeks I found myself flying down to Las Vegas to meet James Hardy, and to really understand what I had just involved myself in.  Right away I saw the vision of helping small to medium sized businesses utilize the ‘magic of blockchain’ to increase their customer base and raise retention rates WITHOUT the upfront advertising costs that other ad solutions demand.   I learned that Sharenode is not a blockchain, cryptocurrency, or token company, but rather a marketing and advertising company that LEVERAGES the power of blockchain, cryptocurrency and tokens.  In other words, Sharenode shows business owners how to benefit from these emerging technologies, WITHOUT the need for a large upfront expenditure or any time spent learning something new! 

It’s been SO exciting to see how far we’ve come in just one year.  James Hardy has also expanded our minds with what is possible both in business AND life, by taking us around the world as we train and prepare for the full launch this year.  My wife July and I have had the amazing opportunity to attend an unveiling and awards event in Los Angeles at the Dolby Theatre, ‘Home of the Oscars’, go to a Vietnamese Island for training, fellowship and ‘fun time’ with other members, and to take our first cruise EVER.  This cruise allowed us to experience Cozumel, MX., The Grand Cayman Islands, and the incredible moment we all had in Jamaica as we used the power of Sharenode and its members to bring much needed supplies to an impoverished school for children.  This culture of giving that Sharenode embodies, allowed me to experience a moment in time that I’ll never forget.  I truly see the world a little differently now.  We shared motivational messages with the kids, helped them make crafts for their parents and teachers, and watched their faces LIGHT UP as they were given supplies like crayons, folders, pens and sandals… things in scarce supply in their Jamaican city.    

I honestly didn’t know that when I took that call from a friend back a year ago, how radically my life was about to change.  By working hard, being on the weekly live calls, (or listening to the recordings in my back office) and sharing what Sharenode offers with every person and business I could, I ‘tokenized’ 3 of the first 100 businesses on the Sharenode platform including my own, and have helped many others that I shared Sharenode with to also reach out to the businesses they know and love and to tokenize many of them.  I continue to attend every call, and reach out to new businesses weekly, sharing the Sharenode message. 

I can’t WAIT to see the full impact that Sharenode is about to make in our world, both from a business standpoint, as well as in a humanitarian aspect.  Sharenode gives EVERYONE in its ecosystem the ability to share in the profits generated when businesses grow more efficiently, with ‘never before available’ technology.   Mark my words, Sharenode is about to usher in a new era with how marketing and advertising is done!  Sharenode brings members, businesses, non-profits and influencers together for the benefit of all!   

I want to take this moment to say THANK YOU to all the members who have helped me and made my experience so truly unforgettable here at Sharenode, and to all the corporate staff who are guiding our ship.  The new friends I have made has truly been a blessing.  I thank God for the opportunity he has given me with Sharenode, and look forward to changing MILLIONS of people’s lives around the globe for the better! 

-Joel Friant
Serial Entrepreneur
3 Star Ambassador
Sharenode Account Manager