Congratulations to ShareNode Community Leader of the Week – Timothy Stuetz

We are pleased to introduce Timothy Stuetz as the community member of the week! Timothy has played an enormous part in bringing an array of different businesses to the ShareNode platform. Hear what he has to say below:

“As a teacher of many Ancient Arts & Sacred Sciences, my mission is to help people banish fear and deprivation from every aspect of their lives. I love empowering and inspiring people to take control of their lives and to achieve their maximum personal and professional potential.

I feel ShareNode is being birthed at the most opportune time and in ways I could have never imagined to help fulfill that mission.

And my imagination is inexhaustible.

Creating Bliss Beary Bear as the story teller and/or central character, I’ve authored over 70 Fairy Tales of The Heart.  These contemporary Tales weave myth and mystery, fantasy and reality, poetry and proven principles of child development into heart-warming, entertaining experiences for children of all ages.

I am thrilled that ShareNode has imagined and created the perfect platform for sharing these blessings with people around the world. 

People who will get rewarded for caring and sharing about the services and products on ShareNode they have found personally rewarding.

I see ShareNode as the perfect ecosystem for people, businesses and nonprofits to interact with and reward one another in ways never before conceived.

That has inspired me to share it with all my friends and family and to   tokenize several businesses and nonprofits so they can thrive in ways they’ve never before imagined.  From a center for relaxation and rejuvenation like Chrysalis Retreat Center Andalusia to a healing sanctuary for animals like Ethereal Pet Care, a nonprofit to benefit our friends at the Flower of Life Bees, a manufacturer of Custom Copper Rain Gutters like Perform Metals in Hawaii, a personal transformation center like Om Reiki Chi Yoga Center, a nonprofit like Conscious Parent Magical Child that empowers families, or Bliss Beary Bear’s Story Time.

Another aspect of ShareNode that I love is the SHEER GENIUS to incorporate the promotional talents and connections of Influencers to market all the businesses and nonprofits on the platform, while simultaneously giving them ways never before conceived of to expand and monetize their Influence.

As a Retired Certified Public Accountant who has consulted with many businesses from the very small to multinational conglomerates, I’ve never met a company with leaders that have more integrity, vision, dedication, heart, talent, desire, knowledge and wisdom—all being channeled to provide a game-changing, life altering platform where everyone WINS!

My beloved wife Marianne and I feel ShareNode is a HUGE WIN for us in helping others WIN and transform their lives.  We are so thankful our dear friend Toni O’Bryan introduced us almost a year ago, at a time when my mind said, “I don’t have time for this” but my heart said “YES!”  And every day we SAY “YES” to being members of and help grow this Loving, Caring, Sharing FAMILY that is ShareNode.”