Featuring the tokenized ShareNode business – MD Medical Transport
We are pleased to highlight a business brought to the ShareNode platform by community member Ed Valdez!
Ed Valdez has been working in the Medical transportation business for over 5 years in the Inland Empire, Southern California.
MD Medical Transport specializes in non emergency medical transport. When Ed discovered ShareNode, he loved the technology. He said “I want to be the Uber of non emergency transportation. I want to be in every airport and I want to promote my token to every part in the word using the ShareNode app. I want to use the ShareNode technology to be able to expand my business in a way that could adopt massive growth.”

Doctor’s Appointments

Need to get to an appointment on time? No problem. Here at MD Medical Transport, we’re sure to get you on time.

Dialysis Treatment

We are aware that the number of dialysis treatments are now increasing. So, MD Medical Transport now offers transportation to dialysis treatment centers.

Hospital Discharge

Do you need a way to get back home after discharge? If no one is there when you need it, we at MD Medical Transport are here to help you get back home.

Phone: 909-273-4308