Congratulations to ShareNode Community Leader’s of the Week – John Braden & Paul Michael Dekker

Congratulations to John Braden and Paul Michael Dekker for being our ShareNode Community Leader’s of the Week! These two guys have played a huge role in leading the members down in San Diego, California with meetings, workshops and trainings on ShareNode. Lets hear what they have to say:

Hello ShareNode Community Members. Greetings from John Braden (former Los Angeles Times advertising executive) and Paul Michael Dekker (engineer, programmer, software developer). Man…are we excited!!!

A big thank you to ShareNode 5 Star Ambassadors Tony and Maridell Reyes. A few months back Paul and I got the opportunity to work with some of the original owners of ShareNode advertising credits. We all created what we call ShareNode Basics workshop. Getting organized with passwords, user names, login info, website – back officer review. Together we practice JEDI. Join, Explorer, Discover and Inform. And now understanding the power of connecting our Communities with Business, Influencers and Non Profits, and how we all benefit. Yes…Earning, Redeeming, Referring and Sharing will change the world.

Being a workshop there’s lot of group participation. We always have speakers via video including James Hardy, David Koston and Eric Tippets at every meeting. Very powerful! And we all know this is just the beginning. James and Joanne have encouraged us all to do meetings in our local areas. Anything Paul and I can do to help is our privilege. We are teaching our teams to duplicate ShareNode basics in there areas. And that brings Leaders and Presenters to the Top. This is all so COOL I never miss a call and really want to know our product. Bye for now.

John Braden

Paul Michael Dekker

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