Welcoming new tokenized ShareNode business – Geothermal Innovations, LLC established 2012
Geothermal Innovations, LLC  is owned and operated by Lilli Hardin and Nate Vohwinkle. Lilli and Nate are really excited about Tokenizing with ShareNode because they KNOW their geothermal energy technology is 100% eco friendly and cost effective because it utilizes the energy stored in the Earth’s crust to heat and cool building.  It is literally changing the energy landscape and saving the planet at the same time.  Below are some fun facts about about their geothermal projects:
ECO-FRIENDLY:  It produces less pollution and is 30-50% more efficient than fossil fuel systems.
SAVINGS:  Typical annual savings of 30-60% over conventional heating and cooling bills.
MAINTENANCE: Save an estimated 40% on lifetime maintenance
LIFE SPAN: With fields lasting over 50 years and equipment over 25 years
TAX INCENTIVES:  Residential users are eligible for a 30% Federal tax credit and Commercial users a 10% credit.
For more info contact:
Lilli Hardin

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