Congratulations to ShareNode Community Leader of the Week – Deborrah Morgan

Congratulations to Deborrah Morgan for being our ShareNode Community Leader of the Week!  Deborrah has caught the vision of what is possible with ShareNode and has brought an infectious enthusiasm to all of her activities.

In the last few weeks alone she has referred over 15 new influencers to our community.  Additionally, she makes positive contributions with meaningful questions and inspiring details about her efforts during our training calls.

Thanks, Deborrah, for being such an amazing part of our community!

Check out Deborrah’s thoughts about ShareNode in her own words below:


First and foremost I’m so grateful for the people who brought ShareNode together and everything it has to offer, especially the opportunity to improve so many lives in a caring and sharing way.

My belief grows daily! It has empowered me to grow in knowledge, wealth, skills and so much more.

I recently retired and was looking for something positive to do with my time. ShareNode has provided me with the opportunity to do just that. The opportunity for growth, travel, and hanging with the best people I could be with. It’s a system that rewards us all for sharing with communities, businesses, influencers and the best charities!

I’m really grateful to have met and developed relationships with so many outstanding individuals within the ShareNode community!”

Deborrah MorganShareNode Account Manager